Series of informative brief articles,
……..on different aspects of COPD,
……..from leading Pulmonologists.

‘World COPD Day-2016’
Smoking Cessation Campaign (New Article)
Dr. M.Sabir

Dr. RajaDhar

‘World COPD Day-2015’.
COPD - Care during winter
Dr. M.Sabir
‘World COPD Day-2014’.
New articles

Editor's Desk
Dr. M.Sabir
COPD & Psychiatric Disorder
Dr. Sanjay Kochar
Bone Diseases with COPD
Dr. Sudhir Chaudhri
Pharmacological Treatment of COPD
Dr. B.B. Mathur
Smoking Cessation
Dr. Kavita Mody
Life style modification, rehabilitation, exercise and yogs for COPD patients
Dr. Virendra Singh, MD
Care for Nutrition while treating COPD
Dr Sheetu Singh, MD
Care of the critically Ill COPD patient in the ICU
Dr. Parvaiz A Koul
COPD-Assessment of Disease progression & response to treatment
Dr. Agam Bohra
Prognosis of COPD
Dr. N.K. Jain

Inaugural articles

‘World COPD Day-2013’.
From Editor's Desk
COPD – Definition
(Prof. P.Shankar,Gulberga)
Magnitude & burden of COPD
(Prof. S.K. Jindal, Chandigarh)
What causes COPD and How?
(Prof. A.G.Ghoshal, Kolkatta)
COPD-When to suspect?
(Prof. J.K.Samaria, Varanasi)
COPD - Preparing Indian Guidelines
(Prof. Dheeraj Gupta, Chandigarh)