President, Indian Chest Society,2012-13
National Allergy Asthma Bronchitis institute, Kolkata

Welcome all,
                 This is your forum as we, the members of Indian Chest Society, pledge to work together for betterment of respiratory health in India. It’s a two way communication - learning by dissipation of knowledge. Public forum gives us a unique opportunity to bring out the latest scientific updates in lucid common man’s language. I wish this would be extremely popular thus increasing the number of hits to our website.

With love and regards       
Dr. A. G. Ghoshal, MD       
President, 2012-13       

Prof N Mishra,MD
President, Indian Chest Society 2011-12
Ex Prof & HOD, Pulmonary Medicine, MKCG Medical College,
Governor, Rotary International RI D 3260- 2010-11
Zonal Chairperson National College of Chest Physician 2011-12
Organizing Secretary NAPCON 2012

It is my great pleasure to know that our Indian Chest society is coming out with the 1st edition of public forum in the field of respiratory medicine. I am sure our general public will be benefited very much from our information. At the same time I request all the chest physicians to kindly cooperate for this programme to make it a meaningful one. My special thanks go to Dr. M. Sabir who has taken the imitative for the first time and I wish him all success.


Prof Dr. N Mishra       
President, 2011-12       

Prof. Pranab Baruwa
President, Indian Chest Society, 2010-11
Principal cum Chief Superintendent
Assam Medical College, Dibrugarh

Dear Dr. Sabir,
              It gives me immense pleasure to announce that Indian Chest Society is launching a website on People Education Programme with an idea to give technical information on common Respiration ailments including T.B., Smoking, Tuberculosis, Lung cancer etc. in simple language. Such programmes are already functioning in many developed countries. It is a laudable venture by the ICS to give such information to our people by Indian experts and members of the ICS. I am sure that informations available in the website on various common respiratory ailments, smoking, tuberculosis etc. will be of immense use to our people as well as to our students. I wish this programme a grand success.

Prof. Pranab Baruwa       
President, ICS, 2010-11       

Dr. J. K. Samaria,MD
Hon. Secretary
Indian Chest Society
Professor, Department of Respiratory Medicine
Banaras Hindu University

Dear Members,
                  I wish all of you a very happy and prosperous new year 2011. It is indeed a great pleasure and honor for me as Secretary of Indian Chest Society to write this message for public forum of ICS website. I wish to congratulate Dr. Mohd. Sabir, Editor of the Public Forum of ICS website for making tremendous efforts to create this facility for the convenience of general public. The Indian Chest Society, formed in the year 1980 at Mumbai, is a front line organization of qualified Chest Physicians of the country. Since then the society has come a long way and now has over 1500 Chest Physicians as members on its roll. The main objective of Indian Chest Society is to generate and disseminate knowledge on Respiratory Medicine and to bring together periodically the medical fraternity interested in the Respiratory specialty on one platform. I am pleased to inform you that Indian Chest Society is successfully conducting training programme for pulmonary technicians in Spirometry for last 2 years. The course was conducted at five centers across the country simultaneously at Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Jaipur and Lucknow in the month of January and February 2009 & 2010. The society has trained and awarded the certificate to more than 220 candidates so far. Now from this year we are adding one more center for the training of pulmonary technicians, keeping activities at previous centers intact. Indian Chest Society is determined to act as a promoter for the academic and training activities not only for technical personnel but also for physicians in the field of Respiratory Medicine in the country. I am pleased to inform you that Indian Chest Society has successfully conducted its first course on Critical Care & ICU training course for the physicians at Chennai in the month of August, 2010. I appeal to the young as well as senior chest physicians to take the advantages of these training courses, which we are planning to hold at many places from this year. I would like to specially thank Dr. Vijayalakshmi Thanasekaraan, Past President, Indian Chest Society and Course Director for academic activities of the ICS for her dedicated efforts for the successful execution of both the courses. It is indeed a great pleasure for me to inform you that Indian Chest Society is not only acting as a promoter & facilitator for the academic and clinical activities throughout the year in across the country, but also it is becoming force to be reckoned with among the global giants in the field of Respiratory Medicine. I am delighted to inform you that Indian Chest Society is continuously increasing its international presence. For last three years Indian Chest Society has been setting up its booth in all the prestigious international conferences i.e. ATS, ERS, ACCP and APSR. The society shall continue its international activities in the current year and future as well. The booth of the Indian Chest Society is center for pride and a meeting point for both NRI delegates and Indian delegates attending the conferences. I am delighted to inform you that Indian Chest Society is the only society in the South Asian region to have such a resounding presence world over. It is my strong belief that with the continuous cooperation and contribution of its members, the society will keep pace with the global advancements and will continue to provide appropriate platform for the guidance for all the physicians practicing respiratory medicine in India and abroad.

Dr. J. K. Samaria,       
Hon. Secretary, ICS       

Dr. M.Sabir,MD
Vice President, ICS,
Editor, Public Forum, ICS-Website
Former Member, Faculty Council,
Indian College of Physician, API
Professor & Head, Department of Medicine,
MAMC, Agroha, Hisar
Former Professor & Head, Respiratory Division
Department of Medicine,S.P.Medical College, Bikaner

Dear friends,
Welcome you all to the first issue of ‘Public Forum’ of Indian Chest Society’s website. For the last 30 years Indian Chest Society (ICS) is doing the Herculean task of dissemination of knowledge on Respiratory Medicine not only amongst chest physicians but also trying to bring together the medical fraternity interested in respiratory medicine at common platform to share their experiences and acquire knowledge for better patient care. In developing countries in addition to infectioteous respiratory diseases like tuberculosis and pneumonia, many non-infectioteous respiratory diseases like, asthma, COPD, interstitial lung diseases, lung cancer and many more are responsible for sufferings, burden on family, and significant loss of man hours, school days and human lives every year. Many of these diseases are preventable by improving nutrition, hygiene and sanitation, immunization, controlling pollution, smoking cessation and many other such measures. Increasing awareness about disease helps in early detection, proper treatment and prevention of many dreaded diseases to save many lives and prevents human sufferings. Members of Indian Chest Society are committed to render best possible respiratory care, with limited resources all over the country & abroad. 'Public Forum' of ICS will try to make humble efforts in this direction through these columns. Success of this effort will depend upon your encouragement and interest through viewing the website and sending your comments and queries.

Dr. M.Sabir       
Vice President.2011-12